Friday, September 6, 2013

Nearest Thing to Heaven

Yes, Nearest Thing to Heaven! That's the title of my newest Maverick Junction book, releasing October 1st, just a few weeks away--and that's exactly how I'm feeling. I am so excited that Ty and Sophie's story is ready to go. He's a Texas cowboy, but even more, he's a widower with four-year-old triplets. Yep. And Sophie? She's a city girl through and through. The Texas landscape and all that entails scares her right out of her Jimmy Choos.

RT Magazine has given Nearest Thing to Heaven a wonderful four-star review. "This story will make readers yearn for a cowboy of their own...Readers will want to visit Maverick Junction again and again."

If you've not read the first in the Maverick Junction series, Somebody Like You, you still have time to meet the town and all its quirky characters before the second in the series hits the digital shelves. However, although a series, the books are stand-alones, and you can enjoy the second without having read the first.

Here's a sneak peek at Nearest Thing to Heaven:

“Boys,” Ty hollered from the kitchen. “Close the door. I can feel the draft clear back here.”
The smoke alarm chose that instant to go off, and the boys covered their ears. Josh’s lower lip trembled.
“On second thought, leave the door open, guys. We need to get this cleared out before Sophie comes. And remember, this’ll be our little secret.”
Jesse opened his mouth, but Sophie shook her head.
“Shhh, let’s surprise him.” She set the plate on one of the highest bookshelves, sent Trouble a warning look, then scooped up the still-distressed looking Josh.
She heard the back door open, then a window slid up. A finger over her lips, she tiptoed to the kitchen, the other two forming a giggling line behind her.
She stopped in the doorway. Ty, looking more handsome than any man had a right to, stood flapping a dish towel toward the open door. A pot sat on the stove, water boiling over. The oven door hung open and tendrils of smoke escaped.
“So, what’s for dinner?”
Ty dropped the towel and turned, looking for all the world like a five-year-old caught snooping under the Christmas tree. He looked from her to the boys.
“What’s that mean, Daddy?” Josh asked as Sophie lowered him to the floor.
“It means you’re supposed to sound the warning when the enemy shows up.”
“But Sophie’s not the enemy.” Josh wrapped an arm around her leg.
“And,” Jonah said, “the alarm was already sounding. It hurt my ears.”

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